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Love, love, love!! Mary has been an eyebrow godsend. She is working with me on rehabbing my over plucked and waxed eyebrows. Her online scheduling is perfect. Couldn't ask for anything else.
~ Leslie G., Bellevue, WA - Via Yelp

Mary is absolutely amazing!!! She's informative, professional, essentially painless, a very cool chick AND gave me the best eyebrow wax I've ever had! Oh, and SO much more affordable than the competitors in the area. I told her she should charge more. And made her hug me. Yes. Made her hug me. For the wax, trim, color (she suggested) it only came to $30. My eyebrows haven't looked this good since I was 20.
~ Rachel B., Berkeley, CA - Via Yelp
irst time almost two weeks ago and I'm hooked! My skin hasn't looked or felt this good in a very long time. I'm extremely picky with my skin and have tried for years to find someone I can trust. I've only seen her for one facial but I've already booked next months. She listens, customizes the facial based on your needs and genuinely cares about your skins health. She is a must see for anyone struggling with their skin. And, I forgot to mention that her prices for services and products are totally reasonable too!
~ Shannon M., Tacoma, WA - Via Yelp

Mary is freaking awesome. I am literally HOOKED with her facials and lash extensions she offers. She is extremely knowledgeable about what is in the ingredients she uses on the facial. Not to mention my face is a trillion times better. The product line, Rhonda Allison, I am also hooked on and have already spent quite a bit of money on the product line because I like it so much.
~ Jamie P., Bothell, WA - Via Yelp

I can't say enough great things about Mary. She goes above and beyond with her clients and knows what she's doing. Honestly, that's starting to become hard to find these days with all these cookie cutter educational institutes. Mary is knowledgeable on so many different aspects of skincare and products. I learn so much from her with every visit!
~ Gabriela K., Seattle, WA - Via Yelp

Mary is a master of her trade. She is quick and efficient. Her place of business is very warm and inviting, and comfortable (sometimes things can a little uneasy on the waxing table,but not with MAry). She'll make ya feel like you've known her all your within the first five minutes of meeting. I highly recommend her!
~ Helen K., Tacoma, WA - Via Yelp

Mary is wonderful. She is both highly skilled at her services and super, duper friendly. And to top it all off, her prices are the best that I've found in the area. She's super knowledgeable about skincare, health, and beauty products -- just beware -- she is also a really great salesperson, so you will probably end up buying lots of lovely products from her as well.
~ Morgan M., Tacoma, WA - Via Yelp

Raves & Reviews

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